Out of all the jobs completed during a renovation or refurbishment, the plastering has to be among the most critical. If you think of plastering as the canvas on which you will plan and decorate your new space, it is obvious that the better the plaster, the better your space will look at the end of the project.

A good plastering job can substantially change the look and feel of an entire room, adding beauty and ultimately value to your home. Of course the reverse is true also: many people have tried DIY plastering, only to find that they end up with an expensive, headache-inducing mess.

There are many reasons to need a professional plasterer, and despite most people associating plaster with walls, plaster can actually be needed in a range of applications including floors, ceilings (also known as “solid” plastering) and exterior walls, and interior decorative features (also known as “fibrous” plastering).

Some common uses of plaster during a renovation or refurbishment include creating a smooth finish to a wall or ceiling so they are ready for decoration, restoration of walls or a ceiling or creation of decorative features such as cornices. This has become one of the most popular uses of plaster today, particularly in old houses where the original features may be damaged and in need of repair. You may also have a need for a plasterer to install plasterboard sheets on top of an existing surface (for example, if you are renovating an old bathroom).

At Hyde Building, our plasterers are skilled craftsmen, and have years of expertise and know-how to get your job done to a high standard. Whether your project is big and complex or small, our team of reliable plasterers will ensure that they understand your needs from the beginning and keep in contact with you until the job is finished.