Among all of the projects you can undertake to renovate a home, remodelling a kitchen can be one of the biggest and most expensive. It can also be the project that totally changes the way you use your home. Kitchen renovations are so popular today because the kitchen space in most people’s houses has become an integral part of every day life. To have a great home that you love, but find yourself dreading walking into the kitchen every morning can be very disheartening (in fact wanting a better kitchen is one of the main reasons people decide to buy a new home).

Kitchen renovations can range in size and complexity – for example, when faced with an ugly, dated kitchen, you could choose to change the cupboards and door handles and update the appliances. Alternatively, you could decide to rip the whole thing out and start again from scratch. It goes without saying that what you decide will depend greatly on your budget and appetite for major building projects.

No matter how big or small, with any kitchen renovation or re-modelling process there will be a huge range of layout and design elements that you will have to decide upon – everything from the type of kitchen that fits the space correctly, to the bench tops, taps, sink, flooring, appliances and any built in elements such as coffee machines or integrated dishwashers. For most people this can be daunting, and one great option is to use the services of a professional kitchen design team. This ensures that the people who design your kitchen will also build your kitchen, and see your project through to the very end.

A good kitchen designer will be able to help you maximise your kitchen space, ensure that your kitchen is both practical and beautiful, and reflects your style and your needs perfectly. Once you’re happy with design, a team of tradesmen will move in to carry out the plans. This can also be a fairly daunting and disruptive time in the project. You need to be able to trust that the plans are being carried out, on time and on budget. You need a building team you can trust.

At Hyde Building, we specialise in helping you to make the most of your kitchen, from the design process to the handover at the end of the project. Whether you’re planning on a big or small renovation, we will work with you to determine your needs to create a stunning kitchen that you will enjoy walking into every single morning!