Bedrooms are often one part of a house that get neglected. Ironically, they are the rooms where we spend the majority of our time when at home! Especially if you have a larger size bedroom, you can often find yourself using it to work in and to relax in, and it is perhaps the only room in the home where most people feel able to truly express their individual style and taste without limitations. It makes sense, then, to consider refurbishing or renovating a bedroom to create the perfect room where you will truly feel “at home”.

In terms of renovating a bedroom there are several ideas that you can consider to update or change your bedroom, whether it is a main bedroom, children’s room or perhaps even a guest bedroom. One common practice is to look at changing the layout of the bedroom to maximise the space, or to provide for extra built in furniture such as wardrobes or even a desk. One idea that can make a dramatic difference to a room such as a bedroom is to look at adding or moving windows to create a more light and airy space.

Many people simply want to change the “look and feel” of a bedroom, and this is where decoration can make a huge difference. Updating a bedroom, or making it more usable can mean installing new lighting, changing the colour on the walls, adding or removing skirting boards, and, of course, changing the type of flooring.

No matter whether you need someone to help you re-decorate, or are planning a major bedroom renovation, we understand that creating the perfect bedroom can be a very personal project. We have years of expertise in helping people design and create stunning, individually crafted bedrooms, so contact us to find out how we can help you today!