No one likes an old, out-dated or dingy bathroom. In the same way that kitchens have evolved into the heart of the home, bathrooms have changed their role from simple utility rooms that people spent little time in, to rooms for relaxation and pampering. Because people are spending more and more time in bathrooms, there is a greater need to make them comfortable and modern.

The trend today is for light and airy bathrooms, with earthy colours and designer tap and vanity fixtures – in short, a luxury bathroom that would look right at home in a 5 star hotel. Modern bathroom design is also based a great deal on spa and beauty retreats, and tend to combine up-to-date bathroom technology (such as “rainfall” shower heads and exciting lighting systems) with relaxing colours and a focus on comfort and relaxation.

One particularly innovative trend at the moment is redesigning a bathroom to become a “wet room”. This essentially means that your bathroom comes with a shower but without shower screens. By creating a wet room, you can eliminate a lot of the clutter that comes with traditional bathrooms, and it can make small, pokey bathrooms seem large and spacious. It can also be quite a cost-effective way of completing transforming an old bathroom.

Apart from changing the basic layout of a bathroom, they can also be redesigned to include a range of features including underfloor heating, spa baths, extra storage or just new tiling and grouting. Any of these design elements can make a bathroom more attractive and add value to your home.

Renovating a bathroom can be a complicated and time-consuming process, and without proper advice and planning this type of project can go wrong very quickly. Determining your needs, and planning the practical elements of your bathroom are critical stages to ensure the long-term success of your bathroom. Hyde Building offers a bespoke bathroom service that can help you to design and create your dream bathroom. Whether you require a simple make-over, or a completely new bathroom, our experienced and friendly team will guide you through each step of the process to ensure a hassle free project!