Structural Alterations

If you’re considering making a structural alteration to your home, then call in the professionals. You’d be amazed at how many people think that they can hire a “DIY” builder to carry out a major structural change in their house – for example, adding French doors to a kitchen or adding a conservatory to the back of the house – only to find that the builder has done a shoddy job. There are also a number of people who feel that they can tackle small renovation projects like these by themselves. If you have very little building experience, this can turn out to be a very costly and even dangerous exercise. In fact many times people have to call in builders to repair “DIY” structural alterations.

At Hyde Building we can take care of all your building requirements, whether you are planning a small structural change such as removing a chimney breast, or a large project such as underpinning your house. We can also provide advice and work based on results from structural reports, for example, engineers reports or surveys, working within specified parameters and any building regulations.

Our team of professional builders will offer competitive rates for a high-quality service. An accurate quote can make all the difference in any building or renovation job, and we strive to ensure that our customers are happy from the very beginning of the project to completion. Because many structural changes can be carried out while the dwelling is still occupied, our team ensures that any building work is carried out while following the strictest safety protocols for your peace of mind.

Choose a reliable, experienced and friendly team. Contact us today for a quote on any structural alterations you might be considering to see how we can help you!