A key element to any building or construction project that is often overlooked is the groundworks. If you’ve watched any of the home renovation programs that have become so popular on television over the last decade, it is almost a nightly occurrence to witness an untrained “DIY” renovator jump on a Bobcat excavator and start digging up the ground. This is reckless, dangerous, and not the most sensible way to make cost savings on a project.

Any professional will tell you before you start digging up the ground, you need to have two things: a plan for what the finished outcome will look like and a good understanding of what is below the ground BEFORE you dig into it.

Buried under the ground on your property are a wide array of pipes and conduits carrying all of your essential services such as water, waste, gas and in some cases even electricity. Having a good understanding of what’s below the ground before you dig is imperative to avoid costly and potentially dangerous mistakes. Many of these services can be found by looking at pre-existing survey maps, but in older properties these may not be available.

It is also important to bear in mind that your groundworks are going to be help settle your finished property into its environment, so having a sympathetic design is very important. Your driveways and access areas need to flow properly into the landscaped areas around the property to give maximum appeal. There are often specialist tools and materials that can be used to enhance the overall design that aren’t readily available to anyone but a professional.

When you choose Hyde Building to work with you and your project on the groundworks, you can rest easy knowing that our experienced and professional staff will deliver the best possible outcome for you every time.