Bespoke Wardrobes and Storage Units

One of the biggest complaints among people who are looking to buy a house is a lack of storage options. When thinking about renovating or redesigning a house we can often forget about one of the most important aspects of modern day living, and that’s having access to enough versatile, functional and good-looking wardrobes, cupboards and other storage.

Planning and ordering bespoke wardrobes or cupboards for your house should be an integral part of any renovation or refurbishment process. Having a wardrobe or cupboard specially designed to fit into a room will not only make the best use of the space available to you, but will also give the room the “interior designer” touch. This is because when you order a wardrobe or other storage and have it made for you, you can customise every element of the design, from the size, colour and type of cupboard. If you’re ordering a wardrobe you can design it perfectly to suit your clothing, shoes and other storage requirements. As you will only be ordering the cabinetry that you need, this can also make it a more cost-effective project then buying pre-made wardrobes or cupboards.

Depending on the type of storage you require, there is a huge variety of types and styles you can choose from, and it can sometimes be overwhelming. For example, do you prefer traditional cabinetry or would you like something modern and up-to-date? Will it suit your house? How big should a cupboard be and will it fit everything you need in it? By ordering a bespoke wardrobe or cupboard you can get advice about the most suitable storage options available for you.

At Hyde Building our team of talented and experienced cabinet makers create high quality fitted wardrobes and cupboards. No matter what your personal style, budget and individual requirements we can create the perfect cost-effective storage solutions for you.