Bespoke Kitchens

We all know that nowadays the kitchen has become the “heart” of the home. This means that rather than being relegated to a gloomy back room (as kitchens used to be), they are now where the family comes together to eat, to socialise and entertain friends, and, in some cases, to work. Kitchens certainly have to be a lot more versatile and enjoyable to be in than ever before.

We all need different things from our kitchens. So what’s the best way to create a kitchen that fulfils a multitude of functions, but at the same time reflects someone’s individual taste and style? Easy – let a professional create a “bespoke kitchen” for you.

What exactly is a “bespoke kitchen”? Imagine that you have a piece of furniture in your mind, a piece that matches your requirements exactly and reflects your personal style. You can go and buy a piece of furniture that’s similar, but probably will not be exactly what you need or want. Kitchens are very similar. There are ordinary kitchens that will do the job, and then there are those kitchens that people dream about that will make them smile every time they enter the space. A bespoke kitchen is simply your ideas made real.

At Hyde Building our team of kitchen designers will work with you at every step to document the way you want to use the space, the practical elements to your kitchen such as the number of cupboards, type of benches and appliances. Drawing on years of experience they can identify your style and make suggestions about the latest in kitchen design, technology and new products. They can also consider your kitchen in context of adjoining rooms such as the living room to maximise the design and the overall flow of your house – an important step that often gets overlooked in planning a kitchen.

Our professional team of builders will then craft and install your kitchen according to your plans with minimal disruption to your household. Our work will be of the utmost standard, and at the end of the project you will walk in to find the kitchen that you have always dreamt of. Not only will you enjoy your new kitchen for years to come, as anyone in real estate will tell you, a kitchen with this type of design, planning and detail will also add a great deal of value to your house.