Bespoke Doors

The look, design and feel of a front door can make a huge difference to people’s first impressions of a home. Likewise the internal doors in a home should complement its overall character and design. Doors are often one design element that gets overlooked when renovating a home, but by taking the time to plan and by using a bespoke service to create stunning wooden doors, you can add style and value to your home.

One advantage of older homes was that the internal and external doors tended to be made out of solid wood. This meant that they were long-lasting, very durable and great for noise reduction – nothing really compares to the sound of closing a solid wooden door compared with many of the modern-day plywood or MDF doors.

When considering ordering new doors you’ll have to first look at the basics such as their width, height and thickness. You will then be able to choose the design of the door. Don’t forget that you’ll also have to consider the types of “door furniture” that you’ll want to turn your door into a beautiful finished product. For an external front door, for example, you might want to consider an entry pull, the type of lock you’ll need, a door knocker, letterplate, and, of course, a number. Internal doors have slightly less requirements for door furniture, however you will still need to consider the type of lever or knob you’ll want to complete the finished door.

Whether you’re renovating your entire home and require all new internal and external doors, or just replacing an old, out-dated or perhaps ugly door, Hyde Building offers a bespoke made-to-measure door manufacturing and hanging service. The advantage of using a bespoke service is that we can cater for a range of requirements including door sizes, designs (including solid core wood doors and solid core doors) and finishes.